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Fuzzy the Virus is a colorful, uplifting story to help explain the coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic to children and adults of all ages. 

Fuzzy the Virus is also a story with a happy ending... a fairy tale of optimism that child psychologists believe helps children of all ages cope with their existential anxieties and dilemmas.  Fuzzy the Virus is a belief that ‘It’s going to be OK’... that we can all better understand, grow and overcome our scary challenges like the coronavirus pandemic, vaccines, and Covid-19. 

It's going to be OK!

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Fuzzy the Virus shares 48-colorful pages of story-telling and illustrations by Russ Hafferkamp and Alex Andriesse and the conflicting feelings we have when something we don't quite understand... something very scary like coronavirus. Fuzzy helps us all begin to work as a catalyst for better understanding, compassion and teamwork in very difficult times. Join Fuzzy as he innocently stumbles into a world-wide effort to avoid him and learn who he is... only to find out he holds the secret to making the world a better place for us all!


Th e story of the Virus possesses the innocence of a child... and Fuzzy never intended to cause any harm. Nobody really knows who Fuzzy is… or where he was born. But every virus is born to travel the globe, to explore and spread far and wide… and Fuzzy was no different. He was so excited to meet many different people, from many different countries … but Fuzzy would soon find out that the world was not ready to welcome him as their friend. You see, Fuzzy didn’t realize he’s a virus!


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